Coordinating and being responsible for the management of all information work of SAPA is the basis for supporting SAPA’s main functions, member exchanges and services. Functions include planning and designing informatization strategy, being responsible for the management of SAPA’s overall information, formulating IT center service processes, building and maintaining data information security, and supporting SAPA’s activities and operating processes, etc.



1. Design, development and management of IT basic platform

Participate in the design of mail system and website, one of SAPA’s most important information carriers; develop and manage mail and website platforms; evaluate and optimize website architecture and performance; adjust platform settings; infrastructure (server, network, storage, security, backup, performance monitoring) management.

2. Construction of the solution

Responsible for the solution and product design output during the project process. Promote the operation of SAPA’s internal information system to maximize the value of the system. Cooperate with major departments to build organizational operation (Membership, Job Posting, Event Promotion, Election, Speakers and Projects Information Collection, …) process solutions.

3. Development of application functions

Responsible for project planning, implementation, management and maintenance of various functional modules (Payment, Event, Ticket, Member, Job, Media, File Management, Form, Table, Editor, Security, Online Storage, Survey, …). To develop, test and diagnose website functionality.

4. Activity and operation support

Support Event Page preparation and registration link generation for online activities; support website background needs of each functional team, such as member management, recruitment board, etc. Add articles and attachments (pictures, files, etc.) and beautify the webpage; monitor event registration.

5. Data information security

Responsible for the deployment and follow-up of internal and external information security systems; formulation and implementation of information management systems; information monitoring and management; database encryption, file access control; spam filtering; and the implementation of various information security regulations.



Cultivate team leadership and exercise project management and coordination skills;

Familiar with website development, mail system operation and background functions;

Improve teamwork and problem-solving skills;

Exchange and cooperate with staff of SAPA activity organizing committee;

Follow up the preparation process of SAPA activities in real-time;

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Have the spirit of research on technical issues; enthusiasm, happiness, and mutual assistance;

Meticulous and patient work, strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit;

Students with coding skills, IT background and website development experience are preferred.


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