SAPA 2021-2022 Global Executive Council Meeting held in Nov. 2021


Dr. Xiaodong Chen (SAPA President), Dr. Yongmei Li (President-Elect), and Dr. John Sun (President Immediate-Past), co-hosted the meeting and presented a warm welcome to the participants.

SAPA President Office (from left to right: Dr. Xiaodong Chen, Dr. Yongmei Li, and Dr. John Sun)


Dr. Xiaodong Chen gave opening remarks and introduced the Chair of Board of Directors (BD), Dr. Baoguo Huang, and Chairs of Advisory Committee (AC), Dr. Xiucai Liu and Dr. Tony Tong, to share their perspectives of 2021-2022 SAPA goals and development. Next, chapter presidents and EC representatives introduced their executive team members, reviewed the major events and achievements in the past year, and provided an outlook for SAPA events in 2021-2022.


Chairs of Board of Directors and Advisory Committee



Chapter presidents presented in the EC meeting


Following SAPA chapter presidents, Dr. John Sun, Immediate-Past President, summarized SAPA’s activities in the past year and shared his personal experience over this unusual year. John stated his start with hope and ambition, and the resilience when facing challenges and difficulties along the way. He enjoyed both the ups and downs of the ride and gained more insights as being SAPA President. He asked we shall respect each other’s hard work and understand each other’s situation.


Dr. John Sun, 2020-2021 SAPA President summarized SAPA activities in the past year


Next, Dr. Jiwen Chen presented recent SAPA Bylaws Amendment, an important aspect of a non-profit organization. With the help of legal professionals, the organization has updated the main content as well as added new contents to further strengthen bylaws.


Dr. Jiwen Chen presented amendment efforts of SAPA Bylaws


Dr. Jian Liu, Chair of BD Organization Development Committee, discussed the 5-year roadmap to ONE SAPA, uniting all SAPA chapters. Optimum ONE SAPA is the objective in the next five year with staged sub-objectives to accomplish in each year, covering communication, financial operation, membership, external collaboration, fundraising, events, governance structure, and policy harmonization.

Dr. Jian Liu, Chair of BD Organization Development Committee


Dr. Xiaodong Chen, representing the SAPA President Office (PO) provided the latest PO updates and announced the new initiatives in 2022. First, he welcomed newly elected Global EC members to the community and introduced 2021-2022 SAPA EC Leadership team and SAPA-HQ EC Leadership team.


SAPA China











SAPA newly elected Global EC members including different chapters


Key Function and Directors of Standing Departments


Then Dr. Xiaodong Chen led the discussion of two new initiatives in 2021-2022: Global Task Forces and SAPA Community.


In order to achieve the ONE SAPA objectives, with the support of the President Office and Vice Presidents, 6 specific task groups (Global Communication, Financial Operation, Fundraising, Membership, IT services, and Legal Service) were formed to lead specific projects and coordinate corresponding functions globally including the SAPA regional chapters. Dr. Xiaodong Chen invited the leaders of each Global Task Forces to present their accomplishment, goals, and approaches.


  • Global Communications


Dr. Yiming Zhao presented the achievements and next steps of ONE SAPA Communication


As the first ONE SAPA objectives in 2021, Dr. Yiming Zhao, Director of Global Communication, presented the achievements of 2021 ONE SAPA communication Task Force, including the establishment of a Global Communication leaders’ team, common media platforms for all chapters (including WeChat public account, WeChat Groups, SAPA Newsletter, etc.), and a volunteer-based media platform supporting team. He also discussed goals for the next phase, including enriching SAPA article contents, outreaching, marketing, and SAPA branding.


  • Financial Operations


Dr. Xiaojiao Xue presented the plan of ONE SAPA Financial Operation objectives


Dr. Xiaojiao Xue, Director of Financial Operation, presented the objectives to streamline the financial process across the organization.


  • Fundraising


Charles Li, MBA, presented ONE SAPA Fundraising objectives


Charles Li, SAPA-DC president, representing the ONE SAPA fundraising task force, discussed the challenges and opportunities of fundraising global task force, which is expected to be achieved in 2023. The objects include: build a strong team with motivation and passion; engage business development opportunities to raise fund and support SAPA activities; establish and maintain long-term relationships with strategic partners and corporate partners through collaborations and services.


  • Membership


Dr. Aming Zhang presented the One SAPA membership objectives


Dr Aming Zhang, Director of Membership, presented the ONE SAPA membership objectives in 2022, including establishing a common membership database and management procedure, building one shared IT membership registration system; defining membership responsibilities and benefits across chapters.


  • IT Service


Brian Jiang discussed the ONE SAPA IT Services


Brian Jiang, Director of IT Service, discussed the ONE SAPA IT Service objectives: provide services to other function groups including communication, fundraising and membership as well as chapters to achieve ONE SAPA Global Task Force; update system performance by organizing website architecture, upgrading email services, providing security control and optimizing website functions.


The second new initiative in 2021-2022 year is SAPA communities. Dr. Xiaodong Chen introduced that communities unite members with a common interest in a specific topic, and allow members to access and develop learning opportunities that fit their needs and achieve their goals. Communities also provide great networking opportunities and build relationship with others. The communities already established includes Career Development, CMC, Investment and Entrepreneurship, Clinical Development and Data Sciences, Frontier Science and Drug Discovery & Development, etc. More communities are in preparation. SAPA welcome anyone interested to join this professional-based communities.


Finally, Dr. Xiaodong Chen presented the proposed 2021-2022 SAPA events, and discussed the potential of resuming in-person events in 2022.


**: SAPA Flagship Events


Planning of 2021-2022 SAPA events


After a full-day event, EC members and volunteers built stronger bonds with SAPA communities and we are looking forward to 2021-2022 virtual and in-person events. To stay tuned, please subscribe SAPA social media platforms: WeChat, LinkedIn, Official Website!



Group photo of partial attendees of 2021 SAPA Global EC meeting