Procedure for the SAPA Presidential Election



  1. Scope

    In accordance with the SAPA Bylaws, this procedure serves as the guidance for the SAPA annual presidential election. Any deviations from this procedure should be approved by the presidential election committee.

    SAPA chapters including China chapter are encouraged to follow this procedure as a guidance for their own presidential elections.

  2. Terms for the Elected SAPA President

    The elected SAPA President will perform his/her duties as the SAPA President for one year while serving a three-year term in the President Office, including the first year as the SAPA President-Elect, the second year as the SAPA President, and the third year as the SAPA Immediate-Past President

    The President-elect shall assist President in all aspects and perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President and shall perform other duties as may be assigned by the SAPA President and Executive Council.
    In the circumstance that the President-Elect cannot perform his/her duties, the presidential election committee will take the responsibility to decide whether an additional election is warranted.

  3. Presidential Election Committee and Its Responsibilities

    1. Presidential election committee consists of the Chair of the SAPA Board of Directors (BD) and the SAPA President-Elect, President and Immediate-Past President. The committee is led by the SAPA President-Elect.
    2. Responsibilities of the presidential election committee include: (1) ensure that the SAPA annual presidential election is transparent and compliant with SAPA bylaws and this procedure; (2) nominate two or preferably three candidates and from these, the SAPA BD will select and approve the final two qualified candidates for the presidential election.
  4. Candidate Qualifications

    1. Candidates need to demonstrate the following core competencies:
      1. Strong leadership: The candidates should demonstrate the ability to communicate well, motivate others, provide clear purpose and direction for the SAPA organization;
      2. Integrity: The candidates should demonstrate honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, free from conflict of interest, and leading with action.
      3. Teamwork: The candidates should demonstrate ability to work with other SAPA members towards a shared goal, maximize the individual strengths of team members, and be flexible dealing with conflicts.
      4. Commitment to serve SAPA: The candidates should demonstrate a track record in continuous service in SAPA organization and are committed to serve SAPA for a long term (i.e. serve at least three years in the President Office after elected).
    2. Candidates for the SAPA President-Elect should be members of the SAPA Executive Council (EC), including EC members representing regional SAPA chapters, or members who have played major service roles in SAPA, such as Director, function leaders, and special taskforce leaders, with at least three years of service at SAPA.
    3. A candidate who has served SAPA for more than two years but less than three years may be considered as the SAPA President-Elect candidate under exceptional circumstance, with strong recommendation by the presidential election committee and approval from the BD.
    4. SAPA Chapter Immediate-Past and past Presidents are also eligible and encouraged to run for the SAPA President if recommended by the chapter president office.
  5. Procedure and Timeline for the SAPA Presidential Election

    1. Applicants must complete and submit the SAPA Presidential Election Application Form to the SAPA presidential election committee prior to the announced date and time (at least two months prior to the SAPA annual conference).
    2. The SAPA presidential election committee reviews the applications and nominates preferably three but no less than two qualified candidates, with consultation of EC members as appropriate. The review and nomination process should be completed at least one month prior to the SAPA annual conference.
    3. SAPA BD members must review nominations and select two finalists for the SAPA annual presidential election at least two weeks prior to the SAPA annual conference.
    4. The SAPA presidential election committee, IT team, and membership team must prepare the voting process in a timely manner and work closely to start the process after final candidates are selected by the SAPA BD members.
    5. SAPA presidential election with two final candidates is held annually via electronic ballots from the entire voting SAPA membership.
    6. The voting process should be completed at least two days prior to the SAPA annual conference.
    7. A simple majority of member votes is required for a qualified candidate to become the SAPA President-Elect.
    8. The final election results will be announced during the SAPA annual conference by the chair of the presidential election committee.
  6. Amendment

    This procedure may be revised by a motion supported from 2/3 majority of the SAPA BD members.