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Andrea Nye
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(646) 271-5399
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Xylyx Bio, Inc.
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Delaware, USA
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Advanced biomaterials for predictive drug discovery
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Founder(s) and Management Team
With success and strategic vision in both life science and consumer markets, the Company’s Board of Directors and leadership are poised to scale and expand its product portfolio toward increased revenue growth. Chief Executive Officer: Andrea Nye, MBA, MPH, brings over 20 years’ leadership and operational expertise in healthcare innovation, with extensive experience building and growing early stage companies successfully bringing products to market. Chief Scientific Officer: John O’Neill, PhD, developed Xylyx Bio’s ground-breaking platform. He is an expert in cell-matrix interactions, stem cell & tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and organ recovery and repair.
What is your core business?
Xylyx Bio is a commercial-stage biopharma company developing next-generation regenerative solutions to combat fibrosis, scarring, and other conditions involving extracellular matrix. In its first indication, the company is leading the evolution in advanced tissue and disease models for more predictive drug discovery by harnessing physiologically relevant tissue-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) for more predictive and actionable antifibrotic drug discovery. Xylyx sells products direct to pharmaceutical & biotech companies involved in drug discovery. No FDA approval is required, accelerating time to market and realization of cash flow. Xylyx’s platform presents the opportunity for upfront multi-year recurring revenue from multiple streams via direct sales, OEM/co-marketing relationships & strategic partnerships, with longer-term potential for conversion to high-value milestone payments.
What is the value and innovation of your core business?
Xylyx Bio’s proprietary platform provides biopharma companies with clarity and confidence that drug development efforts will lead to effective treatments. With valuable applications across multiple stages of the discovery pipeline, Xylyx products enable disease models that are both translatable and scalable, setting the stage for a paradigm shift in drug discovery and increasing the probability of new medicines reaching patients while simultaneously reducing the cost and time of development.
Xylyx Bio’s suite of biomaterials, patient-specific data, and specialized R&D services combine the advantages of higher-level biology with workflow compatibility, providing scientists working in drug discovery with the ability to reduce risk and the associated time and money related to drug failure by reliably assessing which drug candidates will be safer and more effectively treat patients.
What is your target market and what is the potential market size?
The global addressable market for cell culture in drug development is $15B+, with an immediate serviceable available market made up of sales to companies working in anti-fibrotic drug discovery, estimated at $1.2B and driven by the lack of predictive models of fibrosis and significant need and market opportunity for physiologically-relevant models & services that enable quantitative mechanistic studies for improved compound screening.
What are your risks and who are your competitors?
Competing systems are not physiologic and thus non-predictive, failing to recapitulate human disease and contributing to high cost and late stage failures in drug discovery. Existing products derive from a single component (e.g., collagen I) or rodent extracts (e.g. Matrigel, etc.). Lack of key physiologic benefits hinders predictive value, a major shortcoming that costs pharma time and money in the quest for effective drug candidates. In contrast, Xylyx products bring critical value to drug development efforts by supporting pharma in frontloading attrition earlier in the discovery process and thus reducing substantial costs associated with late-stage attrition due to poor efficacy and toxicity.
What is your project’s IP position?
Xylyx Bio’s proprietary platform is protected by multiple patents, know-how, and unique expertise gained over 10+ years’ development at Columbia University and 5+ years in-house at Xylyx. Patent claims cover composition of matter, technical methods, and products.
What is your development plan for the next 3-5 years?
Xylyx targets the largest global players in pharma drug development. We approach the market through direct sales, strategic partnerships, and independent global distributors. In science, validation data equals value. Thus, customer acquisition and retention are achieved via scientific publications, KOL collaborations, conference posters and presentations, and related marketing support. Target purchasers are directors of research seeking to improve their ability to successfully develop & screen compounds. Given the compelling unmet need for predictive models and proprietary de-risked platform technology, the opportunity exists to capture significant market share.
How much fund have you raised so far? From which investor(s)?
The Company has raised $7.5M USD to date from angel investors, in addition to $0.5M USD in non-dilutive federal grant awards.
What investment amount are you seeking?
Xylyx is seeking an $8M Series A investment to accelerate its traction in biopharma drug discovery, scale manufacturing to support demand, and explore additional high-value market segments, including scar repair and skin health.
Description of the Project
Xylyx harnesses the power of extracellular matrix (ECM) – the body’s natural essential cellular microenvironment – to create biomaterials that provide cells with complex structural support and biochemical signals required for cellular function. Xylyx biomaterials comprise both the mechanical properties and complex ratios of the cellular environment specific and unique to organ type and disease state, enabling drug candidates to be investigated in vitro in a human-relevant environment. By recapitulating the defining physiological feature of human disease, Xylyx Bio’s In Matrico™ Platform brings much-needed insight into the efficacy of candidate compounds consistent with clinical results.
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