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Beau Man
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(857) 206-0569
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Sober Grid, Inc.
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AI / Machine Learning / Bioinformatics / Software
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Phase II
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Founder(s) and Management Team
Beau Mann, CEO
Wendy Warrington, COO
Nick Krasucki, CFO
Cassie Branderhors, VP Government Relations
Vince Palermo, VP Commercial Development
What is your core business?
Sober Grid is a digital therapeutic. We are currently in two Phase II clinical trials. We have developed artificial intelligence that can accurately predict if an individual is. approaching a higher risk of relapse using natural language processing and deep learning algorithms. We sell coaching to government health care agencies, corporations, and unions throughout the United States.
What is the value and innovation of your core business?
We have the largest mobile facing user base of individuals within the Substance Use Disorder disease state with over 300,000 patients globally.
What is your target market and what is the potential market size?
Our target market is those with Substance Use Disorder in the United States with a total addressable market of 45 million.
What are your risks and who are your competitors?
Our competitors are Pear Therapeutics, WeConnect, and WorkIt Health. After 6 years in market and becoming cash flow positive we are substantially de-risked.
What is your project’s IP position?
We have filed provisional IP patents.
What is your development plan for the next 3-5 years?
We have recruited the former head of Google Life Sciences (Verily) opioid initiative to lead our government contracting practice. For business development into the corporate and union space we have brought on a seasoned digital health executive with a successful digital health exit on his resume.
We are developing other products and are in contracting with a large Pharmaceutical manufacture to distribute a new CBT module as a distributor using our app and large global user base.
How much fund have you raised so far? From which investor(s)?
What investment amount are you seeking?
$2 million
Description of the Project
Further commercialize our current in market offering and add in clinical medical doctors with specialization in addiction medicine and psychiatric medicine.
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