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Lewis Mcfadyen
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(852) 677-0650
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Chief Technology Officer
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Bloom Standard, Inc
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Hong Kong SAR
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Medical Devices / Diagnostics
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Founder(s) and Management Team
Annamarie Saarinen, Founder & CEO: Health economist, policy fellow, inventor, researcher. 20+ years in health innovation, Medtech & biotech design and execution, health policy, and global health, CEO of Int’l NGO developing/scaling cost-effective interventions for resource-challenged settings.

Lewis Mcfadyen, CTO: Product development & engineering at Origami Labs, Dyson, and Hayco

Paul Saarinen, CMO: 15-year track record in lean startup, health tech & digital marketing, Techstars mentor

Jake Colvin, COO: Leader in infant wearable tech, co-founded Owlet Baby Care, redesigning hospital technology with cutting-edge communications and UX, extensive product testing and iteration, developing and implementing global strategy

Dr. Alexandra Heath, MD, Chief Medical Officer: 20+ years in pediatric cardiology and medicine
What is your core business?
Congenital heart defects, pneumonia, and respiratory diseases together impact 150 million children under 5 each year. Combined, these are the leading causes of infant and childhood mortality throughout the world - many of which could be avoided with simple, lower-cost diagnostic tools to find these “hidden” conditions sooner. The novel ultrasound technology being developed by Bloom Standard will not only democratize access to essential imaging, but also end excessive use of potentially damaging x-ray imaging in children, lower the cost of imaging by 10x, and combat the current dearth of skilled imaging technicians in remote and underserved settings. Building on other early diagnostic tools already being prioritized for investment by governments around the world – this has the potential to prevent millions of deaths associated with delayed, missed diagnosis, or misdiagnosis, while greatly improving the standard of life for those who may have survived.
What is the value and innovation of your core business?
The Bloom Standard team is working on developing simple but revolutionary wearable technology for babies in intensive care settings, combining artificial intelligence, automation, and cutting-edge communications with ultrasound.

This eliminates the need for highly-trained technicians and facilitates automated image acquisition at the point of care by leveraging hundreds of thousands of existing scans. This allows the product to quickly identify what is normal vs. abnormal, aiding health workers to correctly identify problems and direct critically ill infants for further scanning and intervention at regional facilities, leading to (i) early & timely diagnosis of heart and lung conditions, (ii) appropriate referrals and treatment pathways, (iii) improvements to transport and treatment infrastructure, and (iv) lower cost, democratized access to non-radiating imaging technology for young patients in remote or resource-limited settings.
What is your target market and what is the potential market size?
The pediatric ultrasound and echo market was surging – even before COVID19, facilities and governments were increasing investments in diagnostics, with an emphasis on lower-cost, portable imaging.

We estimate being able to achieve $100M in product sales in our first 3-4 years within our initial target markets (peds heart and lung screening), $1B is peds ultrasound total,$8.4B is the total ultrasound market

Serviceable Obtainable Market: Annual Need (only applied to highest need markets, not looking at secondary uses through technology disruption), 1.2 million cases of CHD in infants, 102 million children under 5 with critical lung conditions/pneumonia, 900,000 annual infant/children deaths due to late or misdiagnosis

Serviceable Available Market: Global Peds Ultrasound Market, $275.3 Million,6.4% Annual Growth Rate ($421M by 2023)

Total Available Market: Global Ultrasound Ecosystem,$6.3 Billion,6% CAGR ($8.4B by 2023)
What are your risks and who are your competitors?
Butterfly IQ, Clarius, Philips Lumify, GE
*Cost: 10x (min) reduction in the cost of hardware and software
*Designed for resource-limited settings - requires little to no training for front-line health workers to operate and is robust to withstand the harsh environments where it will be used
*AI+Machine Learning: The removed need for expertise and specially trained staff in running screening AND current reliance on the availability of medical professionals to diagnose results PRIOR to sending the child on for further screening, diagnosis, and treatment, (results in far too many cases of late diagnosis or misdiagnosis)
What is your project’s IP position?
US Patent and / or PCT filed
What is your development plan for the next 3-5 years?
Product Development: Product design and user testing, MVP deployment and iteration, Design for manufacturing

Regulatory: ISO 13485, Field Clinical Trials, CE MDR, FDA 510K, APAC Local Regulations

Commercialization: Manufacturing partners secured, Supply chain, local regulations, support, packaging, labeling

Business Development: IP portfolio, LOIs with direct gov't/public purchasers, Tender/Procurements, Clinical direct sales; Channel Partners: Med device distributors

Market Entry: Develop Marketing Plan, Strategy, Timeline, Asia Market Introduction, Rural Clinics, and Community Hospitals
How much fund have you raised so far? From which investor(s)?
What investment amount are you seeking?
Seeking $750K USD to accelerate R&D, ML algorithms, field trials + build a regulatory dossier
Description of the Project
Automated Ultrasound device that provides screening of neonatal and peds pneumonia/lung conditions and cardiac
conditions (cardiomyopathies, structure, flow) WITHOUT expert medical staff needed to acquire images.
A constellation of ultrasound sensors images the thoracic cavity, mapping and interpreting physical
markers and distinguishing between artifacts. Processing + software-based AI clusters and benchmarks normal vs
abnormal findings providing actionable results and referral guidance.
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Bench-top testing
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