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Apeximmune Therapeutics Inc
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Delaware, NJ
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Li-Fen Lee is deeply versed in the fields of immunology and immuno-oncology (IO) and has successfully carried several drug candidates from target validation all the way to clinical trials. She previously led a drug discovery group at Rinat-Pfizer and made significant contributions to the development of therapeutic antibodies against IL-7R and various costimulatory molecules aimed at treating autoimmune diseases and cancer. Her work, which included several IND filings and patents as well as numerous high impact publications, was recognized with the prestigious Pfizer Achievement Award. Later, Li-Fen joined NGM Biopharmaceuticals as an Associate Director where she established the core IO infrastructure and helped build the IO pipeline. Following that, she served as the Director of IO at Pharmacyclics, an Abbvie company.
Prior to joining industry, Li-Fen held a 5-year NIH career development grant and a faculty position at the Stanford University School of Medicine, where she studied a
What is your core business?
Apeximmune seeks to be a preeminent leader in the discovery and development of novel biologics that modulate the immune system for the treatment of a broad spectrum of indications including cancer, autoimmune disease, and transplantation.
We focus on the science underlying what we believe to be the most powerful biological mechanisms driving disease pathophysiology. Our technology platform combines bioinformatics with biological assays to enable identification of novel immune modulating targets. With a team encompassing expertise in immunology, cellular and molecular tumor biology, protein characterization and optimization, and pharmacokinetics, we are developing biologics/antibodies to treat disease through these mechanisms.
What is the value and innovation of your core business?
Apeximmune focuses on the discovery and development of novel antibody therapeutics for oncology to modulate the tumor microenvironment. Using its proprietary target discovery platform, Apeximmune is well-positioned to identify and develop antibodies against new, next-generation targets involved in cancer immune modulation.
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Seed 4M PerA 6M
What investment amount are you seeking?
A round 30M
Description of the Project
The recent emergence of immune checkpoint inhibitors (CI) has reshaped the cancer therapy landscape. However, their overall efficacy remains unsatisfactory as a majority of patients still fail to experience meaningful and durable responses. Our unique bioinformatics approach coupled with robust biological validation has allowed us to identify and develop inhibitors against novel, previously unrecognized immune checkpoints that contribute to immune suppression and tumor progression. These new drugs have the potential to overcome checkpoint inhibitor resistance or even supersede current checkpoint inhibitors
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