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Richard Holloway
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(401) 954-9082
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Chief Marketing Officer
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Hong Kong, SAR
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Medical Devices / Diagnostics
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Founder(s) and Management Team
Sloan Kulper, PhD CEO and Co-founder, a serial medtech entrepreneur and inventor with multiple international patents
Erica Ueda Boles, PhD - Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder. Erica has a highly cited record of research in biotechnology and is responsible for our R&D objectives and engineering team. A/Prof. Christian Fang, FRCS - Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder. Clinical Assistant Professor in the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine (Dept. of Orthopaedics & Traumatology)
Richard Holloway, MBA - Chief Marketing Officer. A medical device industry executive, previously of Stryker and Orthofix.Prof. Frankie Leung, FRCS - Director, Clinical Strategy and Co-founder. Clinical Professor and Assistant Dean in the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine (Dept. of Orthopaedics & Traumatology).
Prof. William Lu, PhD - Director, R&D Strategy and Co-founder. A biomedical engineer and Professor in the University of Hong Kong
What is your core business?
Lifespans designs and develops orthopaedic implants and complementary technologies which provide enhanced resistance to implant migration, in weak, elderly osteoporotic bone. As part of our development process, we have also developed a novel new method to accurately predict implant performance and survivability called The Lifespans Bone Simulator, a new approach which we believe will become the new “gold standard” for implant testing and performance prediction.
What is the value and innovation of your core business?
Our mission is to create world leading orthopaedic implants that improve quality of life for the elderly, the fastest-growing patient segment worldwide.•

Lifespans implants reduce stress on bone tissue, resulting in significantly less migration compared to market-leading competitive products. Key benefits include
Familiar operational procedures and instrumentation
Simple, cost-effective technology
Lower manufacturing costs compared to market-leading devices.
Our unique Bone Simulator platform greatly benefits the design and validation processes for trauma, spine, and joint recon implants, and is the only known method for accurate implant migration and cut-out testing in computer-simulated cadaveric bone and polyurethane foam. Benefits of using the Lifespans Bone Simulator include

1. Faster time to market for new devices
2. Improved implant effectiveness
3. Uninterrupted implant R&D and regulatory testing by engineers working at home
What is your target market and what is the potential market size?
Our products are marketed to KOL orthopaedic surgeons and institutional payers initially in the United States followed by key strategic markets the Asia Pacific region and EU. The total accessible market for our products is approximately $US 25 Billion
What are your risks and who are your competitors?
Our products compete with the lines developed by global orthopaedic and spine companies. In fact, rather than being competitors, these companies have the potential to be strategic partners and through development work using our Bone Simulator technology and potential acquiring companies looking to further expand their implant portfolios through external product acquisitions, a trend that has become increasingly common in the orthopaedic industry.
What is your project’s IP position?
Lifespans Soft Tip (PCT/CN2016/078336) US Patent Granted, EU, CN pending
Lifespans Bone Simulator (PCT/CN2017/100889) US, EU, CN pending
Lifespans Soft Thread (PCT19062CN) US, EU, CN pending
Lifespans Tensegrity System (HK32020007136.5) US, EU, CN pending
Freedom to Operate confirmed for all of the above applications
What is your development plan for the next 3-5 years?
Completion of US regulatory filing and market launch H1 2022.
Initial regulatory filings for ASEAN and Australia with associated market launches progressively from H2 2022
How much fund have you raised so far? From which investor(s)?
$USD 2.5m of private funding + $US 500k of non-dilutive grants
What investment amount are you seeking?
$US 2.0m
Description of the Project
Regulatory Approval US$250,000 to US$350,000

Product development / Portfolio Expansion US$250,000 to US$500,000

Manufacturing US$750,000 to USD$1.0 million

Initial Market Launch US$ 350,000 to US$500,000
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