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Shiva Bhowmik
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(765) 490-0874
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TRIO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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Founder(s) and Management Team
Reiner Laus, MD, Co-Founder + CEO, Inventor of the first cancer vaccine, Provenge
Shiva Bhowmik, PhD, Co-Founder + COO, Inventor of the first site-specific Prostate Cancer ADC
Alan Wahl, PhD, Chief Scientist, Inventor of the first ADC drug, ADCETRIS
What is your core business?
Developing dual action cancer drugs to selectively eliminate immunosuppression whilst stopping tumor growth.
What is the value and innovation of your core business?
Value: Generating immunogenic tumors by eliminating immunosuppressor cells and cancer cells. Immunogenic tumors are essential for the high efficacy of IO drugs. Current cancer drugs are unable to generate immunogenic tumors.

Innovation: Our approach is the ONLY WAY for Tumor Specific Elimination of Immunosuppression.
What is your target market and what is the potential market size?
What are your risks and who are your competitors?
Merck KgA
What is your project’s IP position?
National phase
What is your development plan for the next 3-5 years?
IND candidate in 2 years
IND in 3 years
Complete phase 1 in 4 years
How much fund have you raised so far? From which investor(s)?
Private investors
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Description of the Project
Developing dual action cancer drugs to stop both tumor growth and immunosuppression. Current cancer drugs do not selectively stop immunosuppression in the tumor whilst stopping tumor growth. TRIO is solving this by developing dual action antibody drugs TRIObody and TRIObody Drug Conjugates (TDC). TRIObodies and TDCs are designed to eliminate cancer cells to stop tumor growth and eliminate immunosuppressor cells to stop immunosuppression selectively in the tumor. TDCs eliminate cells by toxin delivery and TRIObodies eliminate cells by apoptosis activation. In the cancer treatment landscape TRIObodies and TDCs are new and unique by having tumor-targeting arms essential to eliminate
immunosuppression selectively in the tumor. Our lead program aims to treat TNBC and other cancers. Development risk is reduced by using clinically validated targets and clinically validated binders. TRIO's team members developed FDA approved cancer drugs, ADCETRIS and Provenge. TRIO is raising $26M.
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