Department: Event Integration P2M, Project Management Office

Position: Project Manager for SAPA Flagship Events



We are excited to introduce you to the SAPA Event Integration Project Management Office (PMO), a group dedicated to providing essential services and support for event organization. Our PMO is part of the larger Event Integration P2M (Planning to Managing) team, which plays a pivotal role in building a systematic framework for event organization. The key objective of P2M is to establish a clear end-to-end (E2E) event organization roadmap and related services, which include but not limited to building organizational guidance, providing tools and templates to streamline SAPA workflow, and growing project managers to partner with the event organization committee, especially the event chair. The PMO directly contributes to the success of our flagship events.

Responsibilities & Opportunities

As a volunteer with our PMO, you will have the opportunity to work closely with the event organization committee on the following activities:

  • Building event plans, especially timelines
  • Facilitating event preparation meetings, including preparing and managing meeting agenda, meeting minutes etc.
  • Coordinating cross-functional teams
  • Monitoring action item execution
  • Managing overall event progress

In addition to these core responsibilities, this role offers tremendous opportunities to learn about each SAPA function and network with pharmaceutical professionals both within and beyond SAPA.


  • Active SAPA member
  • Attention to detail and self-motivated
  • Strong communication skills
  • Time commitment during event preparation period: 1-3 hrs per week, remotely
  • Time commitment post event: 2 – 4 hrs total, remotely
  • Attending PMO related P2M team meetings or trainings
  • Optional on-site support during event day(s)
  • Experience with Powerpoint Timeline and excel pivot table is preferred but not required.


  • Expanding professional network
  • Advancing career development with priority access to SAPA job postings
  • Sharpening skill sets in project management
  • Mastering the essence of leadership
  • Opportunity for free admission to SAPA event by nomination

We welcome all volunteers who are willing to learn and grow with us, whether you have experience in project management or aspire to explore something new. At SAPA, you’ll get opportunities to apply your skills in real-life event organization, extend your professional network and give back to our community.

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