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2022 SAPA Healthcare Investment Forum & Roadshow

As a global life sciences professional organization, SAPA has always been committed to promoting entrepreneurship, healthcare investment, and business cooperation. Our annual flagship event, the SAPA Investment Forum & Roadshow, has already helped over 100 startups debut and connect with investors over the past four years. Do you want your business to be next? Come join us at the 5th SAPA Investment Forum & Roadshow – either in person or virtually – on Friday,  June 24th through Saturday, June 25th, 2022!

Interested in being more than just an attendee? See below!

For Founders & Innovators

Entrepreneurs will receive our dedicated support to brand exposure, investor access and network building. In addition to the chance of winning the roadshow award, all registered projects will enjoy a package of complimentary benefits, including:

  • Entrepreneurship workshop (Jun 25th )
  • Access to the Investment Forum (Jun 25th )
  • Private 1:1 deep-dive meetings with investors (Jun 24-28th)

Each application will be thoroughly reviewed by a panel of seasoned investors. Selected projects will be invited to pitch with investors. Representative projects have the chance to present at the 2021 SAPA Healthcare Investment Forum & Roadshow.

The most valuable opportunities for the applicants are highlighted by our members and event veterans:

  • Connection: Interact with the leading investors in life sciences, including angel funds, late stage investors as well as BD representatives from biotech and pharma.
  • Growth: Create opportunities to co-develop or out-license your technology and products.
  • Feedback: Receive professional reviews and suggestions and get endorsement by the pharmaceutical veterans
  • Learn: Share experience and learn from your peers
  • Recruit: Open the door to talents, partners and resources




Companies in life sciences, including but not limited to: pharma, biotech, medical device, big data, AI/ML or healthcare in general.


To submit your application, please use the links below:


US applicants: Click here to submit your application.

Applicants in China: Click here to submit your application.


Application deadline: Saturday, May 31st, 2022


Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at Roadshow@sapaweb.org.

 Highlighted Pitching Companies from Past Events

Forkhead Biotherapeutics aims to harness the intrinsic properties of human cells to convert into different cell types to address critical unmet needs. They are developing specific FOXO1 inhibitors to convert intestinal endocrine cells into glucose-regulated insulin- producing cells in order to treat insulin-dependent diabetes with an oral agent.

Shannon Genomics focuses on genomics and cloud technologies that will accelerate research and discoveries, and enable industrial applications. Their product, Atlas OS, is a cloud operating system for genomics and big data analytics. is a cloud-computing platform optimized for easy and affordable genomics data analytics and management, with the best built-in civilian data security and privacy protection capabilities.

Genecure Biotechnologies focuses on developing its patented gene transfer technology into effective treatments for various genetic diseases, infectious diseases, and cancers. Their technology, SimVec, is being employed for developing gene-based therapeutics for human diseases including both inherited and infectious diseases. Current research and development is focused on using this technology to develop human vaccines against HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and SARS.

Want to find the next unicorn? We’re excited to give you exposure to over 50 early stage ventures through roadshows, one-on-one networking meetings, and community interactions with over 100 other founders, entrepreneurs, and investors. All investor attendees will be offered complimentary admissions to the Forum and Roadshow and access to 1:1 Private Partnership Meetings.


US investors: Click here to submit your application.

Investors based in China: Click here to submit your application.

Investors at 2022 SAPA Healthcare Investment Forum & Roadshow


Call for Sponsors

Please contact the SAPA Fundraising Team at fundraising@sapaweb.org for more details.