Message from the SAPA In Respond to the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Dear SAPA Members and Friends,

Recently the attacks and crimes directed at Asian-Americans have escalated in the United States. We are saddened by those incidents. Our hearts and minds are with the victims and their loved ones. At the same time, we strongly denounce and condemn those inhuman racist acts.

No one in America should fear violence against them because of their color or race. As a non-profit Asian-American professional organization, we stand together with our members and allies to fight against bigotry, violence, xenophobia, and racism. We will also work with the broader Asian American community and the entire society to be part of the solution.

Asian-Americans from all walks of life, including professionals from SAPA, have long played important roles in contributing to the rich history, culture, science, and advancement of this country. It is important for us all to unite and work together against bigotry, violence, xenophobia, and racism. Together we will prevail, and make America a better place to live and prosper, for everyone.


Baoguo Huang, PhD, Chair, Board of Director, SAPA

John Sun, PhD, MBA, President, SAPA


On behalf the entire SAPA leadership teams including HQ and all chapters.